Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer Review

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing is a fast rising concept in the world of food preservation. One of such effective vacuum sealer is Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300. This product is strong enough to smoothly handle different commercial jobs yet it is small enough to keep the counter top for everyday use. This product is so designed that it will capture the hearts of one and all. This product is one that of commercial grade and has earned the reputation being an outstanding product in terms of reliability and performance.

Weston  Pro-2300 is an altogether different type of machine as compared with other products of standard offerings. Of the commercial grade range, this product is one of the largest as well as most capable one. This vacuum sealer has the capacity of sealing up nearly streak weighing 30 pounds within a few seconds. This 935 watt beauty works relentlessly without any break until it had all your meat sealed tight. Weston Pro 2300 usually comes with the warranty of one year.

Features of Weston Pro 2300

  • Automatic Mode: Easy to operate this vacuum sealer seal up things in just one easy task. Just you have to insert the bag and start the automatic mode. In case of the manual mode, you will have more control over the whole sealing process.
  • Commercial Grade: Weston Pro 2300 is strong enough to handle different sealing jobs concerning the commercial sectors. It can even seal up bags up to 15’’ wide. It can deliver hours of use which completes the whole process of sealing.
  • Cooling fan: There is an internal cooling fan which protects the whole unit from excessive overheating by maintaining the motor cool. This cooling fan is activated as soon as the sealer is plugged in and the switch is turned on.
  • Detachable storing power cord:  The power cord can be stored inside the attached compartment for better and easy access and to avoid misplacement and water damage.
  • Piston with Vacuum-pump: There is dual piston allows strong vacuum force and also suction power. There is nearly 935 watts of power system for high grade commercial activities.
  • Teflon Bar: There is a large Teflon Bar which is effectively capable of properly sealing bags up to nearly 15 inches wide for extra added protection as well as security.
  • LED lights:  Different light illuminators like power, seal, and vacuum are located. Button indicates the beginning of the process, power light the status while the sealing button while operation of sealing. The cool light is released off after 3 seconds of the cooling period.
  • Limit Switch: This unit takes care of preventing activation of the seal bar when operated by the manual mode.
  • Thermal Overload Protector: This button takes care of the overheating and automatically shuts vacuum sealer off to prevent overheating. A cycle of 20 second of resting period is ideal for operations.


The product weighs nearly about 27 pounds which is twice as a normal vertical vacuum sealer. That is the reason it is not exactly a portable design. However see the fact that you do not have to wait any longer for the whole process to cool down. Just keep sealing in bulk with this product.

Versatile functions

Just for sealing bags, this product is simply the perfect option. This is an amazing piece of hardware of the kitchen for that purpose. Since it does not have an accessory port, you certainly cannot seal canisters and jars but in terms of other functionality, this is surely the very best option.


The design of this product made up of stainless steel with a large cooling fan as well as pump is all about quality. The design is so unique that it lets one seal 11 to 13 inch of bags.


There is nothing much about maintenance with Weston Pro 2300. It uses Vac Mesh bags which are reasonable as well as supreme quality. The exterior never heat up and the motor stay cools.


  • The product has thick heating bar with stainless steel constructions
  • There is also the arrangement of heavy motor with cooling fan allowing heating for prolonged time.
  • LED status is displayed with proper control panel


  • This product does not seal canisters and jars
  • This product will also not work with different generic bags
  • The warranty of the product is also just one year.

In short it can be concluded that Weston Pro 2300 is worth its value and ideal for anyone who wishes to perform bulk operation with no worries of cooling.

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