Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac Professional Vacuum Sealer Review

Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac Professional Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing is an effective process of food preserving and storing the food for longer period of time. With the advent of technology, there are numerous types of vacuum sealers available in the market. One of such types is Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac Professional Vacuum Sealer. The handheld Waring Pro PVS1000 much more compact and markedly simpler and easier to use than other variants countertop sealers normally available in the market. Being easier to handle is though not the only benchmark of the performance of a vacuum sealer. The Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol is coupled with high quality NiMH battery and a charging stand for seamless portability and prolonged performance. Once fully charged, the sealer system can seal up to 30 bags in one go- not a bad count for a home vacuum sealer. If one uses BPA free bags, then one is at the liberty to do almost anything and everything, i.e., from boiling to freezing. This certainly adds to the versatility of use and one can easily expect it come in handy in average households.

Product Details

  • User friendly: The sealer is piston style and is easy to operate.
  • Size: The product is smaller in size and is convenient to use than various other types of conventional countertop vacuum sealer.
  • Battery: The product comes with a heavy duty NiMH battery which is rechargeable. The sealer is capable enough to seal up more than 30 bags in one full charge.
  • Cordless: This is cordless hand-held vacuum sealer which makes the whole operation easy.
  • Warranty: The motor comes with a proper warranty of five years.
  • Bags: This product kit provides nearly 12 one-gallon bags and 12 one-quart bags.
  • The design: The sealer comes with a charging stand along with well designed trigger and an ergonomic handle.
  • Easy cleaning: The sealer is easier to clean. All that needs to be done is to remove the suction cup as well as nozzle.
  • BPA Bags: You can refrigerate, freeze, boil as well as microwave in the free BPA bags which are provided with the product.

There are a number of reasons why you will wish to buy this particular vacuum cleaner above other vacuum sealer. Some of the exclusive features which make this vacuum sealer different from the others are:

Body and design

The Waring Pro 1000 is portable as well as hand held sealer of very high grade which is small yet very useful perfect for small kitchen. The body of the pistol consists of two parts; one part is the pistol itself which is effectively used to seal the bag and the other part is the charging port which comes in form of a stylish stand.

The sealer is compact in size and the cordless and handheld piston helps in very easy handling.

Easy to maintain

With the simple structure and unique design, it is very easy to maintain this sealer. All that needs to done is just to remove the nozzle as well as the nozzle during the whole cleaning process. You will also get 24 bags of different sizes to store foods and those bags are also reusable.

High Speed

You can easily rely on Waring Pro 1000 for its high as well as efficient speed. With that the operation becomes much easier and you can also trouble shoot if the whole process slows down.

Battery use

The sealer is battery operated and the sealer comes with a rechargeable battery which can effectively seal 30 bags in one charge.


The sealer can be effectively stored in cabinets and small kitchen cupboard due to its small size.


  • Aesthetic pistol style design providing better control and grip
  • Easy to transport due to the small form factor
  • Comes with heavy duty batteries, ensuring prolonged use
  • Can seal about 30 bags in one full charge – quite sufficient for home sealing needs


  • The speed of sealing is quite low and it takes quite a lot of time when it is the question of sealing a wide number of bags.
  • As per some user liquid is also sucked out with air.

Conclusion – worth the investment

With its handy and compact design, the Pistol Vac Professional Vacuum Sealer System from Waring Pro is perfect and ideal for home purpose and certainly could not be used for commercial use for bulk purpose. Purchase the product for your home sweet home and bring a change with effective storing. The transport friendliness means that the sealer is good for travels as well. People who travel a lot will find the vacuum sealer to be custom tuned to their requirements.

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