Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer

In case you wish to pack your foods and preserve it for long term basis and wish to keep it fresh for longer time, then opt to buy an expert vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer effectively seals up plastic bags storing food as well as removes the air from the bags thus sealing them effectively. With the advent of technology, there are different types of vacuum sealers available in the market. One of such types is undoubtedly Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer.

Vacupack Elite has an excellent ability which no other sealer has – the ability to seal any wet bag without any sort of failure. It offers a sort of crimping heat bar that with ease seals wet bags on the first go. The design of the sealer is also unique made up from 1st grade stainless steel which is of supreme quality. The presence of soft jaw in the sealer makes the sealer bag friendly. The production rate for this sealer is also very high which ensures that bags are sealed 35-60 bag per session. You can bring home this product with a 2 year warranty along with service contact of 5 years. However the product is not extended for commercial use.

Product Details

  • Vacuum port: There is an external vacuum port which can be used to externally vacuum hose canisters and jar sealers.
  • Sturdy: The body of the product is made up of stainless steel of first class quality and along with details to make it last long.
  • Mode of operation: This product can be operated both with manual as well as automatic mode. You can indulge in a hands free automatic mode or control the full sealing with the manual sealing mode.
  • Moisture trap: There is a moist trap which helps to protect the vacuum port as well as the pump from water clogging.
  • Heat seal: There is this crimping heat seal which can effectively seals wet bags with proper ease.
  • Weight: The weight of the sealer is just 30 pounds.
  • Bags: Only standard textured bags can be effectively used in this sealer.

If you wish to bring the right product home, it is very necessary to learn about the different tips and suggestions which will surely help you when you wish to buy the product. Vacupack Elite is of such product which has a lot of exclusive features when it is the proper kitchen storage. Here are the reasons which will effectively help decide why to bring this product home.

Diverse functions

This sealer is effortlessly great in its functioning.  With the help of the crimping heat bar, it can effectively seals both dry as well as wet bags and works perfectly well even for their first time with wet bags. The sealer is also bag friendly with its soft jaw. Moreover you are provided with Vacupack Sous Vide bags which are especially made in Italy. With the help of the external hose, one can easily vacuum.


Vacupack Elite is divided into two parts of design which the pump along with the motor taking most of the weight. The entire unit has a sleek steel exterior protecting the product from rust and dirt. It tries to maintain its appeal with five years of warranty contracts. The heal seal’s measurement is 12.5 inches and makes use of Italian grade piston pumps which comes with a moisture filter ensuring to keep the pump and the motor dry even during sealing of different types of wet items.

Replacement and warranty

Unlike other vacuum sealers of the industry, this product comes with a warranty of two years which covers nearly every sort of defects of the product along with a five years warranty of service repairing any of the spare parts during damage.


  • The sealer is capable of sealing nearly 50 bags every hour.
  • Vacupack Elite is capable of taking bags of different brands.
  • Can operate on the auto mode giving hands free operation.
  • The sealer is also capable of sealing canisters.


  • It takes a lot of time to cool.
  • The design is certainly not one of the types which are compatible.

Well from the review, it can easily be concluded that Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer is certainly one of the device which is must buy for those who wishes to preserve wet as well as dry foods effectively. With lesser disadvantages, this product is certainly one of the favorite types of vacuum sealer for many consumers and can be also used for commercial purpose also.

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