VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Sealing is an important when it comes to effectively storing foods. But sealing process is applicable not only for storing foods but also important objects like documents and jewellery. Sealing presently is done using a vacuum sealer as it effectively removes the extra air along with the microorganisms present in it. There are different types of vacuum sealer available in the market for commercial as well as domestic purpose. VacMaster VP112 Chamber is one of such praiseworthy as well as trustworthy vacuum sealer.

The sealer has a plastic body which is strong enough to provide services for prolonged period of time without any sort of trouble. This vacuum sealer is portable version which is cheaper as well as reliable. You can easily fit the product on the countertop of your kitchen. The compact frame of the product makes it much easier to use. There are different chamber bags which are nearly 10 times cheaper than normal bags for external sealers.

Best Possible features of VacMaster VP112

  • The design and weight of the product: The overall exterior of the product is great in appearance as well as compact. The weight of the machine is just 40 pounds.
  • Customizable: The seal bar is nearly 12 inches in length. This can also be replaced as well as reused. The model mainly resembles that of a pump and motor.
  • The inner portion: The inner side of the product includes a proper vacuum chamber where one can place the plastic bag to properly seal the object.
  • Sealing capability: This model can effectively be used to seal several food items like fish, vegetables, fresh meat along with other edibles items. Several liquids like stew and soups can also be sealed.
  • Accessories: There are accessories along with a single accessory port and cable. This enables easy sealing of jars, vacuum canister along with containers. Bags are also provided for proper storage of items.
  • Motor: There is a huge motor present at the back which weighs about 50 pounds. This ensures the machine is durable.
  • Warranty: VacMaster VP112 provides one year of warranty. So it surely does not require any type of assistance from experts to repair something or the other.
  • Control Panel: The control Panel provides you the opportunity to customize your function as per your packaging requirements. The product has a vacuum pressure gauge along with stop button and also a sealing gauge along with an on and off button.
  • LED indicator: There is a LED screen which provides you proper display of the on and off timings of the sealer.

Among the all sorts of products and devices available for kitchen storage, there are lots of reason why this product is surely one of the best.


VacMaster VP 112 is a portable device. Though the weight might bother a few but given the fact that it is a vacuum sealer with a chamber, the product must have a heavy frame. The product however is so designed that is longer than taller. The Tiny frame is made up of stainless steel which makes it one of the portable vacuum sealers.

Versatility in function

The operation as well the function of this device is very easy. All that needs to be done is to pack the food item in a proper bag and the mouth of the bag is to be tucked inside the seal bar. Next all the work is effectively done by the sealer.

The accessory port along with the cable makes it easy to use in case of vacuum seal canisters, jars as well as containers. Bags are also provided so you do not need to buy bags separately.


This vacuum sealer has a sturdy design which ensures that the body is made up of stainless steel along with a silicon rubber seals with an impressive design.

Easy Operation

This vacuum sealer is very easy to operate. It just automatically seals your content for those who are unsure of the settings. The instruction to operate is also very easy and mastering it also.


It is very easy to maintain and do not have to spend much money on chamber bags as well as heating bar. Moreover the cost of maintaining the sealer is very low.


  • Bags are often provided and the cost of the bags are very less.
  • In case of marinating, the device can prove to be of great help.
  • The sealer effectively seals wet as well as dry foods.
  • The model is effectively designed for continuous use.


  • The product is of heavy nature because of the motor.
  • The lid of the product sometimes have to be closed with both hands.


VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is very reliable as well as effective when it comes to properly storing the food. The review has covered nearly every aspects of the product properly. In short, it can be concluded that this product is surely worthy buying for any modern kitchen.

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