Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Bonus

If you are in search of a vacuum sealer that will help you to marinate foods and seal it, but that too something that will be within your budget, then you must look nowhere else. FoodSaver V4880 comes with those extras in their starter kit and has an eleven inch by ten feet heat seal roll, ideal to make your own customized seal bags. As the bags and heat seal roll are BPA free, you do not need to worry of dangerous and toxic chemicals. If you have too many leftover from the last night party and feeling clueless about what to do with the extra meat, simply use your Foodsaver V4880 Vacuum Sealer to preserve the leftover easily and safely.

It is a fully automatic vacuum sealing option that helps you to seal the bag at own. All you need is to open the end of the bag into the slot and your work is over. It comes accompanies with a starter kit, dishwasher-proof drip tray, LED indicators and two levels of vacuum speeds making it a great friend of your kitchen. Additionally, it is coming with zip lock pouches and other containers.

FoodSaver V4880 not only increases the shelf life of your raw of fresh food but also stores fruits, vegetables, and even teas and coffees for prolong time.

Product Details:

  • Fully automatic
  • Starter kit includes heat seal roll, zipper bags, heat seal bags, wine stopper and containers
  • Has heat seal roll to have customized bags of your choice and avoid wastage
  • Auto detection feature for dry and moist foods
  • Two vacuum speed to choose between sealing of dry and moist foods
  • Automatic detection sensors
  • Create more effective and wider seals with extra-wide sealing trips
  • Comes with handheld vacuum sealer for marinating option
  • Marinate mode reduces the marinating time
  • LED indicators
  • Removable and dishwasher safe drip-tray
  • Remove air manually through Pulse Vac feature
  • Dimensions: 22 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Comes with retractable portable sealer
  • Comes with in-built bag cutter
  • 5 years of limited warranty

Attractive Designs

The machine has a strong built and it is not heavy at all. It would glam up your kitchen countertop with the use of their sleek design. You can store it anywhere. Since it is moderately heavy, we can call it portable. It serves great domestic purpose and ideal for small-scale establishment as well. The wine stopper on the left is a cool feature. It almost looks like a printer and has a modern look to suit any kitchen.

Fully Automatic

FoodSaver V4880 is fully automatic in function where you can place the bag into the mouth of the vacuum food sealer and it will soon start functioning without any interruption from the user. This makes your life easier while you prepare your next batch of fruit, vegetables, meat to vacuum seal. It is hygienic and lowers the risk of cross-contamination from the single press of the button. They comes with two levels of sealing which automatically detects whether the food is dry or moist, thus sucks the air accordingly and seals the pouch.  It has a retractable external handheld sealer, making easier to seal zip lock bags, containers, jars. If you are a fan of sous-vide cooking then the FoodSaver V4880 will be a very good option. With their quick marinade mode, time of marinating is reduced. With the wine stopper, you can keep the freshness of the food intact.

Easy Maintenance

As it is automatically operates d so it requires little manual effort. You simply need to follow the instruction stated in the manual to run the machine. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to run the device and auto sensors will not run perfectly. Fit the bag properly and make sure the length of the bag is adequate. Remember the content of the bag should not puncture the bag. You will find the handheld sealer easy to use and maintain. All you need to pull the hose and press the sealer on the zip lock bag or container.

Attachments Inclusive

  • 1 inch x 10 feet heat seal roll
  • 5 quart sized FoodSaver heat seal bags
  • 5 quart sized FreshSaver Zipper Bags
  • 1 wine stopper
  • 1 lunch & leftover container


  • Very reasonable and economical compared to other vacuum sealers
  • With their 11 inches by 10 feet Heat-Seat Roll, this device can seal bags that are 11 inches wide
  • Fully automatic, hence able to detects the type of food that is being sealed and adjust accordingly
  • Rapid Marinate Mode helps to quickly marinate food


  • A little heavy compared to other portable sealers
  • Primarily serves domestic and small-scale establishments so bulk food sealing is difficult
  • Manual needs to be followed carefully or else it will be difficult to operate the device


FoodSaver V4880 is a customer’s delight with their auto-sealing unit, marinade mode, dishwasher safe drip tray and external handheld sealing. This chic yet convenient device is going to blend with your kitchenwares and will help you store your delicacies elegantly.

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