FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Review

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

Proper and appropriate kitchen storage is the concern of each and every household. Tupperware, plastic wraps, aluminium foils and the most popular zip lock are common methods of storing and preserving things. But all of the above have one big disadvantage – they cannot preserve foods for just more than a few days. There is one big solution to all of these problems – FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer. This product is fully manual operated including the sealing of the bag as well as the vacuuming process. The process of operation is very simple. All that need to be done is to place the open end of the bag into the particular slot of the product and your work will be done.

The work and operation of a vacuum sealer is very easy. It suctions the air out of different canning jar and storage pouches and tightly seals the opening of the pouches or the bags. Now if there is no moisture and oxygen around the food then there are no arising problems of mold, insect or growth of microbes. FoodSaver V2244 is ideal for domestic purpose and comes with an instant crush free seal. There is also handheld sealer which is removable to be used to seal pouches and other containers.

Product Details

  • Size and operations: The size of the product is compact and comes with manual operation
  • Instant sealing process: It helps in protecting delicate foods during the whole sealing process with crush free instant seal.
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray: You will get a patented, dishwasher-safe drip tray which is removable.
  • Accessories: There is an accessory port and hose with the product.
  • Fast Operation: This vacuum sealers seals the food in minutes
  • Warranty: You will one year limited warranty.
  • Indicator: There is a light indicator indicating the whole sealing process.
  • Auto operation: There is also automatic shut down after the completion of the whole process.
  • Wide sealing trip: There is also an extra wide sealing strip for better and safe sealing.

The process of vacuum sealing made simple and easy

The design of the vacuum sealer is sleek and compact and has an easy to use operation operated manually. The FoodSaver V2244 is surely handy when it is the question of preserving lots of foods. You can use it long time storage of meats as well as fishes in the freezer and also for short term storage of cheese and deli meats along with cookies and snacks and crackers for pantry. In short, a kitchen which is busy making all sorts of foods and delicious preparation is the ideal one for FoodSaver V2244.

Operative push button

The model sealing design is unique and also straightforward which makes the whole process of removing air from ideally designed FoodSaver bags all the more easy. You will get a starter kit which includes 5 pre-cut heat seal bags along with one heat seal roll. After you have put the food into the bag, you will just need to place the bag into the vacuum sealing area or channel and close the latch. The next operation is easy. You just need to select the seal or Vac seal push button and the machine takes care of the whole process.


For the convenience of the user and versatility, V2244 vacuum sealer comes with an accessory hose port which helps to remove all the air from the containers thus sealing them air tight. Both the accessory hose and port are mainly used for marinating food in just a few minutes.

Sealing delicately

Food Saver V2244 can be effectively used to stop crushing food items which are delicate. All you had to do is just press the button. In fact there is also a sealing strip which is double wide that ensures secure that the seal is air tight every time. To catch the over flowing liquid there is also a dishwasher tray.

Keep your food fresh for longer time

Last but not the least, the FoodSaver keeps the food fresh and safe for 5 times more than other storage methods. Now you simply do not have to worry about your food getting wasted.


  • There is wide space in the area of sealing which ensures air tight sealing
  • The dishwasher safe drip tray avoids over flowing of liquid thus keeping your kitchen clean.
  • The automatic shut on and off ensures easy and safe operation.


  • The warranty provided does not cover damages due to over heating
  • With the fast vacuum speed, some containers and food may not be tightly sealed.


If considered all the aspects properly, then FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer is surely a worth buy for any modern kitchen. Certain features provided in the equipment ensure safety and safe sealing keeping your food fresh. In fact the vacuum sealer is highly portable and is well equipped to keep your kitchen clean.

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