How to choose the best Vacuum Sealer?

Kitchen is incomplete without the necessary tools whether it is a microwave, juicer, chopper, electric grinder or blender, so it is a decision point when you come down to buy kitchen equipment. The first thing that you typically do before purchasing anything is to consider a list of needs and requirements that you need to have and adhere to them before making the right purchase. Not only you are going to avoid buying things that you do not need but you will also have a clear idea of your wants, makes and the models.

If you are going to add vacuum sealer to your list of important kitchen appliances, then also you need to assess the value of the sealed bags in the similar fashion. After all vacuum sealer is a great invention and very helpful for the household. Store your food items in bulks, avoid spoilage of cooked foods, save space and keep food fresh for a long time.

But what are those things that you must definitely look into before buying a vacuum sealer for your kitchen? Since vacuum sealers are a great concept you simply assess these few things stated below prior to purchasing a vacuum sealer.

1. Look into the type of vacuum sealer you like

Chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers are the two common types. The former removes the air from the entire chamber and seals the bag as well. And keeps food 99.99 percent free from air. The external vacuum sealer squeezes out all the air from inside the bag and keeps food fresh. To be precise chamber vacuum sealers for bulk storage, and for the daily use you can go for external vacuums.

External or Internal Vacuum Sealer

2. How effective is the seal?

You want the vacuum sealers to do an excellent job, so you must check the seals repeated number of times to ensure that the bag does not let in air.

3. Does it come with strong suction capability?

This is one of the features associated with vacuum sealers while packaging food items. The suctions create the vacuum. Weak suction is not able to create a good vacuum and if air bubbles get into the bag then it compromise with your food safety and will allow mold and other organism to outgrow. It may also cause freezer bum and as vacuum sealer begins sealing after an amount of time while other designed to sense how much pressure is in a package.

4. Determine how often are you going to use the sealers?

That is very important, as how often you will use the sealer will help you to decide which type and size you must purchase. If you plan to seal food or leftover weekly, then go for a small clamping sealer. If you want to enjoy more versatility then go for a counter-top sealer, which comes with more options.

5. What kind of orientation will you like to have in your vacuum sealers?

Most of the upright sealers found in the market are a great when you store liquids in them. The vertical orientation allows some of the models to outfit with special canister attachments to suction and seal the canning jars. At the same time, you also use flat vacuum sealer models that allow to employ bags of variable sealing widths simply making slight adjustments in the loading tray for the bag rolls. So they are not as effective when packing foods with high liquid content.

6. How portable is it?

Handheld vacuum sealerDo you need to take food on a vacation trip on the road? A simple counter-top model is good for the whole family to enjoy fresh foods not at the table only, but even carry while you travel or camp. These models help to preserve food from solids like fruits, veggies, dry fruits, meat and liquids such as milk, juices and other products with high fluid quantity. Handheld models are great to carry around, but less efficient. They mainly feature those battery operated electric vacuum pumps and rely on zip lock pouches and not on the fully sealed bags. As such, one can not expect the same level of vacuum efficiency for these appliances; the package shelf life may change.

7. Make sure you choose a bag that is easy to clean

It is one of the important aspects, which you need to assess before purchasing a vacuum sealer. It must be easy to clean and store. This will also help your machine last for a good number of years.

8. Check the extra features provided

Many vacuum sealers come with extra or added attachments and it varies according to the model your purchase. Some of the variant features might include multi-speed vacuum and sealing action, dishwasher-safe and catch liquid overflow instantly. Even you can also find the other ones with roll storage and cutter making you stop buying those costly pouches to meet your everyday packaging needs. Even with high-end sealers, you get some dust removal attributes necessary to seal non-edible items.

9. Look into the warranty

You will find that the best vacuum sealers are built to last longer but most will need occasional maintenance or need to replace and strong warranty and from a company with great customer service. If the vacuum sealer you want to purchase satisfies all the above requirements, then it’s time to BUY!

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