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FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit
FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

Vacuum sealers are the game changer of any of the modern kitchen. One of such multi-functional and easy to use vacuum sealer is FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe. Often when you bring home some delicious food and are not being able to finish the whole, you will surely not wish to throw away the remaining part so easily. There comes the FoodSaver Vacuum sealer kit. You can easily preserve the remaining food and keep it fresh by vacuum sealing effectively.

The machine is very pretty in appearance – white in colour. Since the size is small, you can keep the product anywhere in your kitchen and it does well when it comes sustaining the quality of foods for a prolonged period of time. Along with this machine, you will get ten bags free of cost. Five of those bags are small sized while the remaining five are large sized. There are also several buttons which properly handles the speed of the suction in the vacuum. The manual seal button ensures that the operation is handled on its own very smoothly. Large quantities of food like cheese blocks, steak pieces can also effectively be sealed with this vacuum sealer.

Exclusive Features of FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe:

  • Warranty: The product comes backed by one year warranty.
  • Better user experience: The features of this product is better with inbuilt accessories providing better user experience
  • Levels of sealing: There are different levels of sealing which may include manual and automatic.
  • Deluxe sealing: The deluxe sealing provided here ensures more hours of use.
  • Hand-free mode: The optional hands-free mode is perfect both for fisherman as well as hunters.
  • Effective sealing: This vacuum sealer is capable of sealing other things other than foods.
  • Different levels of speed: There are different seal levels both for moist as well as dry foods.
  • Default speed: The vacuum speeds can also be accommodated for different types of food. The sealer automatically defaults its setting to normal and high speed.
  • Gentle speed: You can use stop and gentle speeds for delicate items.
  • Accessories: The vacuum sealer is provided with accessory hose along with accessory port ideal when mason jars, canisters and marinade containers are vacuum packed.
  • Roll Storage: There is inbuilt roll storage for FoodSaver rolls.
  • Bag cutter: There is also a bag cutter which can effectively size bags.
  • Instant seal: For delicate and fragile items, there is crush free instant seal.
  • Removable tray: There is a removable tray to effectively hold the overflowing liquid.
  • Wider Strip: There is also wider strip when ensures safe and secure sealing.
  • Indicators: The presence of light indicators keeps you informed about the progress and unit status.

Apart from the key features mentioned above, there are lots of feature which makes it the key machine ideal for any modern day kitchen. The reasons are as follows:

Reliable and trust worthy

The seal provided by FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe is safe and secure. In fact the wide sealing strip ensures sealing of any food of any shape and size. For just a bag of chips, the sealer ensures crush free sealing of items.

Excellent performance

This product is excellent in performance and gets all the air out of the bag effectively sealing nearly all sorts of bags of all sizes and can store foods for extended time retaining the freshness.

User friendly

The automatic mode is excellent and simple ensuring easy usage. The vacuum sealer does not need manual operation and the whole process can be operated easily. With the bag cutter, the whole process can be operated within one machine.


As per many reviews of the user, the FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe can lasts for several years if used properly. The bags provided are also sturdier and ensures safe and secure storage of foods.


  • The vacuum sealer is pretty strong and ensures on spot sealing of any quantity of food. The plastic bags stop the passage of air completely.
  • The presence of inbuilt cutter ensures that the extra part of the plastic as well as seal bags is properly removed.
  • The suction power of the vacuum is very excellent satisfying several customers and safeguards the food properly.
  • There are various sound indicators indicating that the process is effectively completed.


  • As per some reviews, some users believes that the sealer is ideal for storing small amount of food as the device does takes up extra space while operating.
  • Some kind of manual work is required. The machine needs to be locked manually.
  • The suction power though good in some cases does dull up after prolonged use.


Like every other product, FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe does have pros as well as cons. However the higher number of pros says that this product is worth purchasing. Moreover the kit is also provided with 10 plastic FoodSaver bags for storing along with bag cutter which gives you the authority to store food as per your choice. In short FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe is one of the best among its group available at reasonable price and lasting long.

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FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System

If you have a habit of buying food in bulk then you are surely not going to finish the whole food within a week. You will definitely have leftovers and will not like to throw away. Therefore, you though to keep it in the plastic bag and freeze it for the time being. However, the vacuum sealer you might be using today might not have protected your excess food from contamination, so you need to replace it with good appliances. And for people who are looking for such better opportunities FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer is for them.

The vertical design of the FoodSaver V3240 helps to save the counter space while their automated nature helps simply to save space. Its user-friendly design and simple control panel is the best for ergonomic use. To enable maximum convenience and keep the food in the right state one can store things like stuffing and apple crumble without any fear as the advanced ‘Crush Free Instant Seal’ technology will ensure proper storage.

With Food Saver V3240 comes in complete handy when you want some early preparations for those parties, family get-togethers, festivals and other special days, as it allows you to prepare the doughs, the stuffings and endless other things before hand, which you would need on that day to get you work done on time. At the end you will find yourself enough time to rest and rejuvenate to enjoy with your loved ones.

Best Features of FoodSaver V3240

  • The vertical design helps to save the countertop space
  • You can easily load the bag and seal lock them
  • Easy-use button with intuitive controllers
  • Extends the shelf-life of the food by five times, saving you $2000 annually
  • Can seal canisters and jars with accessory port
  • Two different sealing speeds for dry and wet food
  • Dual sealing levels – one for moist food other for dry foods.
  • Wide sealing strip- applies heat to create a broader air-tight and secure seal that can keep the freshness of food intact for longer periods.
  • Roll Storage- There is an in-built roll holder that stores the FoodSaver Roll, which keeps the roll clean and handy at all times.
  • Removable wide drip tray- The drip tray has been kept wide to ensure the moisture removed from food does not flow out and accumulates properly in it. To allow proper maintenance it can be removed and cleaned in dish-washer.

Why it is the best kitchen appliance?

Puts you in greater control

Finally, there is an appliance that gives you the power to store your food for months together, without having to worry for taste and quality.  The fully programmable FoodSaver V3240 gives you the freedom to store your food in the right manner.  Depending on the food type you can choose between seal and vacuum seal, and you really don’t have to learn the full mechanisms of the appliance to do that.  Just pressing the right button will help you get the right kind of sealing for your food.

Right for any size or type of food

The appliance comes with a convenient bag cutter which enables cutting the FoodSaver roll in requisite sizes.  The roll can be first sealed at one end by heat seal roll holder and then the food can be poured in, after which it can be sealed or vacuum sealed.  This proves more convenient because you get to save on your FoodSaver Roll, plus storing the food in the right packages save space in your refrigerator, cupboard or pantry shelf.  You can seal anything according to its shape and size of the food, as long as it does not exceed the width of the heat seal roller.

Fit for every type of food

Just vacuum seal any type of food from fruits and vegetables to meat, pies, desserts and whole meals.  Now you can cook extra food consumed one portion and save the rest for future, as you can be sure that it would remain fresh and tasty as if it was cooked that day.  Since, the entire vacuum sealing or sealing process can be controlled manually there is no loss in the quality and taste of food.

Highly Portable

FoodSaver V3240 has one of the most portable designs compared to other vacuum sealers. Due to their vertical design, they consume less space you can store them under the cabinets, carry them in the road trips, or use it during the camping as long as you have a small generator to power it. Though you require AC power to operate it, still it is highly portable owing to their size.

Versatile in Nature

If you are looking for the starting range vacuum sealer then this is the ultimate choice. The options here are limited to two speeds for either the dry or other for the moist and have a button to start auto-sealing. Well, attachments to seal canisters also work in the automatic mode. As precisely engineered, you can seal chips without breaking. If you keep on investing in the right kind of bag, the vacuum sealer will always stay perfect.

Affirmable Design

The design of the sealer is simple. It does not have too many buttons and limited choices which might make some feel as it is not worthy. However, on close inspection you will find that FoodSaver V3240 actually features a wide mouth to accept large bag, ensure better seal and lesser wastage. The attachments works perfectly and directly siphons off power from the motor and pump without pressing any extra buttons. The constructions of the plastics are dense and lightweight. This adds to their portability and it is available in either black or white colors.

Greater Usability

FoodSaver V3240 has a bit of instructions and guide, but they are not going to help the beginners, but the people with experience are surely going to appreciate it. In the beginning, you simply need to adjust the bag and feed it to the wide slit at the bottom. As soon as you place, select the speed and press start, which brings the motor to live powering the pump that vacuum the front slit before sucking out all the air from within.

Replacements and Warranty

Some of the people have commented FoodSaver V3240 tends to miss many a things in their warranty cover. However, they definitely come with one-year warranty as normal and are of a limited nature. The warranty mostly covers the motor or pumps damage and does not cover damage due to overheating, improper usage and more. As for the customer support, FoodSaver V3240 is perfect in their regards for most of the time.


FoodSaver V3240 comes with an accessory port and hose which helps to vacuum seal food stored in canisters and containers easily.  The hose is long enough to reach conveniently to the container which you want to vacuum seal.  With the help of the access hose storing liquid items like soups, stews and desserts will no more be a problem.


You will not find any moving parts and even the FoodSaver V3240 does not use the advanced technology. Everything come completely automated and precisely time and even syncs in order to design and work without ser input. If you compare it to the older model, it will require you to keep the start button depressed to complete the sealing and this one calculates their time. You cannot deny their complete hands-free usage.

User Rating – People have give FoodSaver V3240 4.5 out of 5 stars and it is a highly functional and cost saving solution. It does not have any issue in their design and in fact much more cost effective compared to other expensive vacuum sealers.


  • With the help of the vertical design, it is going to consumer a little space in your kitchen or in the cabinet. The design adds portability so you can carry them almost anywhere.
  • Wide sealing making it easy to handle and use
  • Comes with drip tray to catch drips, thus keeps the kitchen clean
  • Helps to keep food fresh five times more
  • Comes with technology to prevent damaging due to delicate food
  • Easy to maintain


  • Well, the warranty it has does not covers the damage due to excess heating and natural causes might at times prove to be a reason of disappointment
  • Well, with alternative sealing the sealer will need rest for a while to make sure the sealing is perfect

So, is the product really worth it to buy?

FoodSaver V3240 is very different from the ordinary vacuum sealing appliances as it provides greater control to the user unlike the generic ones where the entire process is automatic.  The appliance puts in the hand of the user greater control to save time, money and space by helping to store food for prolonged periods.  It gives you the ability to preserve food for years together without compromising on the taste and quality, and that too without the use of any type of chemicals.  Whether it is whole bird, cheese, soups, cakes, vegetables, fruits, or the leftovers, whether dry or wet, raw or cooked, FoodSaver V3240 will not disappoint you.  Vacuum seal or just seal the food in convenient packages and refrigerate them.  With different control buttons for dry and wet food and two vacuum speeds, and the heat seal roll holder and bag cutter the entire process of food preservation would have never been easier. It all users to customize food storage, at will. Crush Free technology, which helps to vacuum seal delicate foods, gives great advantage when one wants to store delicate foods like chips. The accessory port and hose will help you preserve your food in containers and canisters, as well, which is an added convenience.

FoodSaver V3240 has too many great features to encourage any buyer who wants to save time, money, space and energy in cooking and storing food.  This lightweight and compact appliance is easy to store, maintain and carry. The heat seal roll holder and the bag cutter help to store food in convenient packages which helps to save space and the intuitive control buttons help store a variety of foods for a long time.  FoodSaver V3240 is also one of the most reasonably priced vacuum sealing appliances in the market.  Having it in your home will save you from hunger during hectic days or when you are too unwell to cook. It can help you in endless ways as food is such an indispensable part of our lives. You will only have to buy it to know how many more ways it can help you.

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Guide to use and maintain your Vacuum Sealer

Over the year, commercial and domestic food storage is one of the most convenient. With a single call and credit card, you can have all the food your family needs to cover. The food storage program can cost thousands of dollars every year and often come with food that you would not normally choose for your family.

Many packages in bulk cans that once opened need to be eaten quickly, or need to properly to prevent spoilage. There is nothing wrong in this method while building food storage program. Many people do find it better to build their grocery store and purchase food in bulk. Vacuum sealers are one of the powerful tools that people used to store them to increase the shelf life of the food.

Here comes the way to use a vacuum sealer:

1. Vacuum sealing does not only prevents food from spoiling but that does not mean that you will vacuum seal raw meat and leave it in a closet like the one you would for a meat can. It spoils. If you keep the vacuum-sealed piece of meat in the freezer, neither it will get freezer burn and will stay fresh and tasty for a long time.

2. The vacuum process further works by removing those extra airs from the bag so loose crumbs and liquids can suck into the vacuum sealer mechanisms. This is not good for machine and prevents all liquid based foods such as soups, stews, meats that should froze before vacuum sealing. All powdery or fine-grained food should use a filter of some type between the food and the pump.

3. Do not overfill the bag; you must leave at least three inches of clear spaces at the top of bag before you seal. If you want to reseal the bag, you can leave some extra space to reuse the bag. The ability to reseal the bags make it great to store the bulk and use just what you need and then seal the bag again.

4. Do not try to make your own vacuum-sealed bag. The bags used with the machines are optimized to work with that particular model. If you make your own bag there is no guarantee that you will have a good seal and thus increasing the chances of food spoilage.

5. You need to keep the bag smooth during the vacuum sealing process since wrinkles in the bag can keep the residual air leading to food spoilage.

6. If you think that, the bag you are using at present is not able to seal properly then you need not open it. You can simply create new seal just a bit closer to the food. Just a quarter bit inch is enough to make the new seal.

7. The plastic material of the bag is quite strong and you can puncture it by sharp items. So if you seal food with sharp edges. You should wrap the food items in paper towels between both the items and the plastic bag.

8. You must prepare food and vegetables before packaging; if you freeze them you should pre-freeze fruits and blanch the vegetables. If you are going to store them in a closet, make sure you dehydrate them

9. Even though the sealer does a good job removing the air from the bags but tossing food in a food safe oxygen absorber is definitely a good idea.

Maintain your machine in a working condition, clean it after each use according to the instructions, and store properly.

Now comes safe guides for the users to maintain the sealed bag in a top-class condition:

What to do if the air renters?

You must test the seal of the bag before using since a single wrinkle may cause leakage. You just simply need to cut bag and reseal. You can use a new bag if there is a big hole and cover sharp food with soft towels. If you still suffer then it means the food have started to ferment so it is better to throw away the food items.

What to do if your bag melts?

In case, if you bag melts it may be due to the extra hotness of the sealing strip. Always wait at least 20 seconds for the appliance to cool down before your vacuum package another item unless if you are using the professional. This models allows you to vacuum package at least 50 consecutive bags within a stipulated trim period.

Which side of the bag you should pace for sealing?

You need to place the embossed side down. If the bag is curling at the same time you need to place the curled portion upside down and can be out to use in both the sides.

What to do if seal bag is leaked?

This is one the easy maintenance tax that you need to follow to seal both the ends. You need to submerge the bag in water for a few seconds and find the air bubbles in the bag itself; if the bubbles are real the bag is defective.

How you got a clean and clear understanding of the vacuum sealer. It is easy to handle and ever easier to maintain so take your time. Go through this basic guide to educate yourself about the adulteration comment. Share your basic points in reference to vacuum sealer and start using it safely.

How to choose the best Vacuum Sealer

Kitchen is incomplete without the necessary tools whether it is a microwave, juicer, chopper, electric grinder or blender, so it is a decision point when you come down to buy kitchen equipment. The first thing that you typically do before purchasing anything is to consider a list of needs and requirements that you need to have and adhere to them before making the right purchase. Not only you are going to avoid buying things that you do not need but you will also have a clear idea of your wants, makes and the models.

If you are going to add vacuum sealer to your list of important kitchen appliances, then also you need to assess the value of the sealed bags in the similar fashion. After all vacuum sealer is a great invention and very helpful for the household. Store your food items in bulks, avoid spoilage of cooked foods, save space and keep food fresh for a long time.

But what are those things that you must definitely look into before buying a vacuum sealer for your kitchen? Since vacuum sealers are a great concept you simply assess these few things stated below prior to purchasing a vacuum sealer.

1. Look into the type of vacuum sealer you like

Chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers are the two common types. The former removes the air from the entire chamber and seals the bag as well. And keeps food 99.99 percent free from air. The external vacuum sealer squeezes out all the air from inside the bag and keeps food fresh. To be precise chamber vacuum sealers for bulk storage, and for the daily use you can go for external vacuums.

External or Internal Vacuum Sealer

2. How effective is the seal?

You want the vacuum sealers to do an excellent job, so you must check the seals repeated number of times to ensure that the bag does not let in air.

3. Does it come with strong suction capability?

This is one of the features associated with vacuum sealers while packaging food items. The suctions create the vacuum. Weak suction is not able to create a good vacuum and if air bubbles get into the bag then it compromise with your food safety and will allow mold and other organism to outgrow. It may also cause freezer bum and as vacuum sealer begins sealing after an amount of time while other designed to sense how much pressure is in a package.

4. Determine how often are you going to use the sealers?

That is very important, as how often you will use the sealer will help you to decide which type and size you must purchase. If you plan to seal food or leftover weekly, then go for a small clamping sealer. If you want to enjoy more versatility then go for a counter-top sealer, which comes with more options.

5. What kind of orientation will you like to have in your vacuum sealers?

Most of the upright sealers found in the market are a great when you store liquids in them. The vertical orientation allows some of the models to outfit with special canister attachments to suction and seal the canning jars. At the same time, you also use flat vacuum sealer models that allow to employ bags of variable sealing widths simply making slight adjustments in the loading tray for the bag rolls. So they are not as effective when packing foods with high liquid content.

6. How portable is it?

Handheld vacuum sealerDo you need to take food on a vacation trip on the road? A simple counter-top model is good for the whole family to enjoy fresh foods not at the table only, but even carry while you travel or camp. These models help to preserve food from solids like fruits, veggies, dry fruits, meat and liquids such as milk, juices and other products with high fluid quantity. Handheld models are great to carry around, but less efficient. They mainly feature those battery operated electric vacuum pumps and rely on zip lock pouches and not on the fully sealed bags. As such, one can not expect the same level of vacuum efficiency for these appliances; the package shelf life may change.

7. Make sure you choose a bag that is easy to clean

It is one of the important aspects, which you need to assess before purchasing a vacuum sealer. It must be easy to clean and store. This will also help your machine last for a good number of years.

8. Check the extra features provided

Many vacuum sealers come with extra or added attachments and it varies according to the model your purchase. Some of the variant features might include multi-speed vacuum and sealing action, dishwasher-safe and catch liquid overflow instantly. Even you can also find the other ones with roll storage and cutter making you stop buying those costly pouches to meet your everyday packaging needs. Even with high-end sealers, you get some dust removal attributes necessary to seal non-edible items.

9. Look into the warranty

You will find that the best vacuum sealers are built to last longer but most will need occasional maintenance or need to replace and strong warranty and from a company with great customer service. If the vacuum sealer you want to purchase satisfies all the above requirements, then it’s time to BUY!

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